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Welcome to Gentleman With Van Berlin: a full service moving company focused on keeping your home and its belongings clean and safe as it moves from one location to another.

 My all-inclusive €800+VAT price includes everything needed for a professional quality stress-free move:

INCLUDED: Up to 50 top quality double walled moving boxes worth up to €200! Delivered in advance of the move.


INCLUDED: Reserved parking at your old and new home, which costs €150-€200 if separately arranged!


INCLUDED: Thick plastic mattress bags (ca. €20 each on Amazon)

Gentleman With Van Berlin protects your mattresses with thick plastic mattress bags during Berlin and Europe wide moves.


INCLUDED: Made to measure TV boxes and internal packaging worth up to €50 each if bought online

Gentleman WIth Van Berlin provides correctly sized TV boxes and custom 'in box' packing to protect your awesome TV and it's screen


INCLUDED: Use of professional tape guns & plastic wrap machines to give you a running start for your packing – delivered in advance;

Gentleman With Van Berlin lends you his professional plastic wrapping and taping equipment to help you get a head-start on packing before move day

INCLUDED: Extra large sheet of cardboards, which you can use for packing furniture or cutting up into pieces to use as protective spacers for packing delicate items inside boxes – delivered in advance and used extensively on move day;

Gentleman With Van Berlin delivers multiple extra large thick sheets of cardboard to use for furniture packing or 'in box' layering of delicate items  

INCLUDED: Custom cardboard packaging and plastic wrapping for sofas, chairs and other awkward items of furniture on move day

Gentleman With Van Berlin cuts thick sheets of cardboard to make custom boxes for sofas and large items of furniture


Gentleman With Van Berlin review
Gentleman With Van Berlin review
Gentleman With Van Berlin review
Gentleman With Van Berlin review

Why Gentleman With Van Berlin?… Why not any old moving company?  

The level of service I provide is closer to a professional packing service than a typical moving company, which may barely wrap anything at all and then end up piling oddly shaped delicate items on top of each other in a dirty van and in a higgledy-piggledy fashion, risking all kinds of damage and scratches.

Gentleman With Van, on the other hand, securely packs and wraps everything before even lifting belongings out of your house. I then use clever techniques and trolleys to move all items safely from your clean home into my clean van and into your new clean home without anything getting damaged, scratched, scuffed, dusty or dirty. 

A successful van loading must be approached like a game of Tetris, which is only possible if all items are well wrapped and stackable.


This is often how moving companies load your stuff into their van:

This is how many standard moving companies load your stuff into their van.jpg


This is how Gentleman With Van loads your beloved belongings calmly and carefully in ‘Tetris style’.

Whether moving locally in Berlin or between countries Gentleman With Van Berlin always loads in a careful Tetris style to keep your home and its belongings safe  

This Tetris style loading is only possible because I make sure your stuff is well wrapped, protected and stackable before it even leaves your home…

Gentleman With Van Berlin carefully wraps & packs all of your belongings and makes the 'modular' for Tetris style van loading for moves in Berlin or Europe wide

Moving house takes ALWAYS more time than you think.

Solution? Split the move over two days!

Day 1

I come and pack and wrap everything. It is now 100% protected, in the right loading order and is ready to leave your home.

Day 2

I employ a helper or two and we carefully load and unload all of the items from your old home to your new home.


My all-inclusive €800+VAT pricing is transparent, fair and as simple as possible.  The costs and time for you to order boxes, wrapping supplies, parking, renting vans and taking advantage of helpful friends adds up quickly, which is what makes Gentleman With Van Berlin incredibly convenient and great value.

The €800+VAT price even includes splitting the move over two days. Day 1 is packing and wrapping and Day 2 is the loading and transport day. I can do it this way because I am a one-man organisation. I recommend this option for most moves as it makes for shorter days, but one day is also possible for smaller moves.

International and Intercity Moves


Gentleman With Van Berlin does moves across Europe and to and from the UK

International and intercity moves are the same €800+VAT all inclusive price, but also add a charge for the return journey to/from Berlin,

which is calculated as follows:

€800+VAT all inclusive price


€0,44+VAT per km for return petrol and mileage


€50+VAT per hour return driving time

If you rent a similar sized van from Robben & Wientjes on a 3 day 1200km package, it costs you €700, including the petrol: . That van does not have a tail-lift and you also have to drive 600km back to Berlin. If you consider the extra costs of street parking reservations, boxes, packaging, rental of moving trolleys and the moving insurance I provide, you quickly realise that my all-inclusive price is very interesting and extremely convenient.

UK to Berlin & Berlin to UK moves


Gentleman With Van's spacious van & father in Sheffield ready to load and move to Berlin


Gentleman With Van Berlin on a ferry from UK to Holland during a UK to Berlin move

UK-Berlin moves are priced the same as international moves but also add the cost of the overnight ferry with P&O Freight. The return ferry freight charge is usually

ca. €900.

€800+VAT all inclusive price


€0,44+VAT per km for return petrol and mileage


€50+VAT per hour return driving time


€900 P&O Freight ferry charge

UK Berlin moves normally end up costing about €3400

This is how Gentleman With Van Berlin expertly packs & wraps…


A lovely leather sofa before Gentleman With Van Berlin expertly wraps it before loading 



A lovely leather sofa midway while Gentleman With Van Berlin expertly wraps it before loading


A lovely leather sofa AFTER Gentleman With Van Berlin expertly wraps it before loading


Antique wardrobe that can't be disassembled BEFORE Gentleman With Van Berlin expertly wraps & packs it pre-loading in Munich to move to Berlin


Antique wardrobe that can't be disassembled WHILE Gentleman With Van Berlin expertly wraps & packs it pre-loading in Munich to move to Berlin


Antique wardrobe that can't be disassembled AFTER Gentleman With Van Berlin expertly wraps & packs it pre-loading in Munich to move to Berlin


Gentleman With Van Berlin is fully insured for damage liability and contents insurance in case of theft, fire or crash. I have never broken anything in over 150 moves. A higher level of cover offering replacement at new value for your specific collection of belongings is available for a €150 surcharge. This involves pre-insuring a itemised list and signing a contract with my insurance provider via Gentleman With Van. I can forward answer any specific questions you have, or you can also contact Helvetia Insurance directly if you prefer.


How to book

Give me a call or drop me an e-mail. Please provide a rough list of items and a description of the size of flat you are moving from. Please also provide photos of any items that do not go in boxes as well as measurements of furniture. I will then send you a detailed quote in a well laid out Excel file. This contains Gentleman With Van Berlin’s terms and conditions and specifies the insurance provided for your move.

You then just need to reply to accept the terms and conditions. I then copy and paste the information from the quote into a QuickBooks invoice  and send it over. You then just pay the 1/3 deposit to reserve your slot. The balance is payable on the day of the move. The whole process can take minutes. Once this is done we set up a time for me to deliver your boxes and packing supplies. Easy!

If this sounds like what you need, email Paul@GentleManWithVan.Berlin, text or call me on +447867636967 or +491573 274 7836

I look forward to hearing from you.


Paul Lauener

Gentleman With Van Berlin





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